Dr. Adriele Prina Mello

Working at Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Adriele Prina-Mello, PhD, is an Ussher Assistant Professor in Translational Nanomedicine, Department of Clinical Medicine at the Trinity Translational Medicine Institute, School of Medicine. AMBER centre Investigator, CRANN Principal Investigator at Trinity College, Dublin.

Chair of the working group in Characterization and Toxicology at the European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine. Expert Member of Nanosafety cluster, the EC Task Force in Characterization and European Materials Characterisation Council.

Founder and Director of the Laboratory for Biological Characterization of Advanced Materials, the Irish-branch of the European Nanomedicine Characterization Laboratory (EU-NCL), the flagship infrastructure project funded by the European Commission, in partnership with the US-National Cancer Institute Nano Characterization Laboratory)for enabling Translational Nanomedicine. 

Dr. Adriele Prina Mello
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